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Shroomy Mushroom Gummies - 1 Month Supply

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Now fully vegan!

Each mouth-watering gummy has 3 powerful mushroom extracts.

This potent and meticulously tested 300MG mushroom blend contains Lion's mane, Reishi and Cordyceps - each of which delivers a different benefit for both your mind and body:

Lion's mane: Is responsible for the incredible brain enhancing benefits involved in memory, cognition and improvements in mood.

Reishi: The Reishi mushroom is known to deliver strong immune support to the body.

Cordyceps: Are known to improve energy levels through ATP production with increased oxygen utilization which may enhance aerobic capacity and athletic endurance.

Optimize the performance of your body and mind with Shroomy Gummies every day.

What is a shroomy?

1 gummy = 3 superfood mushrooms.

Boost your immune system, improve mental performance, and physical performance with our unique 300mg blend.

Grown Local

While you may have never heard of these mushrooms before, that doesn't mean they haven't been here all along. Grown right here in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, these mushrooms have been around as long as we have. The difference is that now, they're here to help us.

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Marci Golden
😋 guilt free yum!

only problem is only eating 2 ! great way to get ‘shrooms into my daily!
seriously, tho.. I’d like to know how much of each ‘shroom is in 1 gummy..
a bit pricey.. hope they’re worth it- I love ‘em!