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Alaskan Wild Chaga Tincture Double Extract (1 oz)

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We start with locally made, farm-to-bottle Frozen Farmer Vodka from Arctic Harvest Distillery, then pour it over our dried chaga chunks. It sits and gets shaken periodically for a minimum of 6 weeks, at which point we strain the tincture and create the water soluble portion of the extract by simmering the chunks in water throughout the day until the brew is rich and dark. Then we combine the two solutions, bottle it up and ship it to someone who needs it!

ngredients: wild harvested chaga mushroom, water, alcohol (20%)

Chaga contains many compounds that are only exacted in alcohol.

Some people like to mix this extract with the chaga tea, and call it a double extract!

This is great! Some compounds in chaga are only extracted in water. A double extract will contain both.

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A Wonder!

I had been reviewing wholistic method for my newest health issue. Mushrooms. We happened to be in Long Beach and walked by CultureShrooms. The answer to my prayers. The lady who helped me was able to guide me to the correct mushroom for my health. She said it may take up to a month to notice anything; medications are not different by the way. It was so suttle. I realized it was the day to take my medication, I had forgotten as the pain wasn't there reminding me two days before per usual. Eureka!!! It took 3 weeks!! I have already ordered my second bottle and will never be without it!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

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