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BIG BRAIN BAR is made with Gluten Free Steel Cut Oats*,  Coconut Oil*, Sunflowerbutter* (Roasted Sunflower Seeds, Salt), Maple Syrup*,  Pumpkin Seeds*, Cacao Nibs*, Maca Powder*, Ojai Honey*,  Lion's Mane Powder*, Cordyceps Mushroom Powder*, Chia Seeds*, Flaxseeds*, Hemp Seeds*, Salt, Cinnamon* 

*Organic Ingredient (Big Brain Bar is sources only the highest quality ingredients and is awaiting organic certification). 

Made with awareness for what we put into our bodies, the Big Brain Bar is an indulgent superfood snack that both satisfies the sweet tooth and satiates hunger.

Handcrafted with organic ingredients and located on the road between a melt-in-your mouth gourmet chocolate bar and a power packed nutritional snack, the Big Brain Bar is stacked with functional mushrooms, protein rich seeds, and adaptogens.

Big Brain Bar is intended to give you a boost any time of day. This unique blend supports mental clarity and physical stamina; increasing energy without jittery side effects or a looming crash. 

Big Brain Bar is free of soy, dairy, gluten, artificial sweeteners, and nuts. It is crafted with love and kindness in Ojai California. Break off a piece for a quick pick me up or eat the bar to go far. 

Big Brain Bar should be kept refrigerated to preserve freshness. We find that it is scrumptious either at room temperature or frozen. We even love to toss a couple of chunks into our morning smoothie bowls ;) 

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