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Root Strength - Adapotgen Energy Blend

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Root Strength is not a pre-workout that cranks you up just to crash you down. This product was designed to light up your mind, and optimize oxygen and blood flow to your lungs and muscles for enhanced endurance. Our products are designed to bring customers closer to unlocking the health multiplier that stems from a strong mind/body connection. Each ingredient in Root Strength plays a specific role in unveiling that potential. 

Lion's Mane: can support focus and cognitive brain functioning. It can repair damaged nerves, and form new neural pathways in your brain. A sharp, alert mind is a key part of attacking your workout, your day, and your life. 
Cordyceps: can boost your body's production of ATP molecules, which are responsible for delivering energy to your muscles. Cordyceps have shown to improve the way your body utilizes oxygen while exercising. The potent blend in Root Strength can help you control, maintain, and maximize your breathing to go that extra mile. 
Bcaas: our branch chained amino acid blend includes compounds that help you before, during, and after your workout. The mixture can reduce fatigue, build muscle mass, and reduce muscle damage from strenuous exercise. 
Rhodiola Root: with over 140 active ingredients in it's root, rhodiola is a potent adaptogen with several health benefits. It has shown to improve brain functioning, fight fatigue, and increase exercise performance.
Caffeine: Unlike other pre workout supplements that pack a dangerous 300-400mg of caffeine into each serving, Root Strength has enough to get you moving without the anxious jitters and crash. A single scoop of Root Strength contains 80mg of caffeine, and can be used as a coffee replacement. Two scoops contain 160mg and should be consumed prior to exercise. 

Root Strength is designed to be enjoyed hot or cold, at any point of the day. 

Functional. Connected. Rooted. Root Strength

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