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Chaga Extract (1fl oz) by Set

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Immune support • Antioxidant rich

Product Description 

Chaga - Aka the mushroom of immortality - is one of richest sources of antioxidants found in nature. Yup, it’s better for you than acai (1). Research shows that chaga promotes the formation of cytokines (2)(3), a special protein that stimulates the production of white blood cells. Basically, Chaga has earned its nickname. No, it won’t actually make you live forever, but it’s a powerful addition to your wellness routine. Keep your immunity strong (4) with 1ml a day, take 2mLs after leg day and give three mLs a try next time you’ve got the sniffles.

Suggested Use 

Shake well and dispense into your favorite beverage. Let go of what you were doing a minute ago - just be present - set an intention and take a deep breath. When you're done drink up and carry on with your day. 


Organic Cane Alcohol • Filtered water • Organic Chaga • Organic Myceliated Brown Rice


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