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Lion's Mane Extract (1fl oz) by Set

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Cognitive support • Sleep support  • Nerve support

Product Description 

Lion's Mane might just be our most talented mushroom. A jack of all trades. A true renaissance shroom, if you will. Recent studies have correlated daily use of Lion's Mane with reduced anxiety1, depression 2, and the buildup of the Alzheimer's-linked amyloid plaque in the brain. And it’s worth keeping on your nightstand, too. The neurological stimuli from Lion's Mane supports REM sleep 2, helping you achieve a deeper and more restful sleep. Try 2 to 3 mLs before bed and thank us later! In the morning, use Lion's Mane to clear that brain fog and stay sharp throughout the day.

Suggested Use 

Shake well and dispense into your favorite beverage. Let go of what you were doing a minute ago - just be present - set an intention and take a deep breath. When you're done drink up and carry on with your day.


Organic Cane Alcohol • Filtered water • Organic Lion’s Mane  • Organic Myceliated Brown Rice


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