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Reishi Extract (1fl oz) by Set

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Mood support • Stress support • Sleep support 

Product Description

Reishi is a team favorite here at SET. Long used in eastern traditions for its mood (1) and sleep benefits (2), this mushroom is finally getting the scientific attention it deserves. In recent years, researchers have been focusing on better understanding why Reishi has such a marked positive effect on mood, stress and sleep. So far, molecules like polysaccharides, glyco-proteins, and triterpenoids (3)  have been identified as the work horses within reishi, working in the body to regulate relevant biological activity (4). Try 1 mL of reishi a day to regulate mood or 2 to 3 mLs when you need to take the edge off.

Suggested Use 

Shake well and dispense into your favorite beverage. Let go of what you were doing a minute ago - just be present - set an intention and take a deep breath. When your done drink up and carry on with your day. 


Organic Cane Alcohol • Filtered water • Organic Lion’s Mane  • Organic Myceliated Brown Rice


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