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Shroomworks ShroomDrops "Focus"

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Our 100% organic focus tincture is made with dual extracted Lion's Mane mushroom.  Our Lion's Mane is extracted with Appalachian spring water and organic cane alcohol for maximum bioavailability. Take everyday to sharpen your focus and to support healthy brain function.

Why We're Different

Our tinctures are made with an extraction process that uses Whole Organic Fruitbodies grown in the USA that are allowed to mature and absorb valuable light waves that allow for the production of bioactive properties of the fruitbody. Mushroom mycelium extracts, however, grown on grain in the absence of light, are chemically and qualitatively much different than mature fruitbodies. An all natural process of extracting the whole fruitbodies in organic ethanol, hot water, and a third proprietary method ensures the most complete extraction possible

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Took two weeks longer to receive and does not work. Waste of money.

Abby Anderson
Alcohol taste is too strong to enjoy in any capacity

I have tried mixing this in with my coffee, with my smoothies, with a protein shake, and dropping it under my tongue, but there is no way to escape the STRONG chemical alcohol burn of this product. I’ve used lions manes supplements for a long time in a powdered form and wanted to try this as an easier way to travel with it but it is so unpleasant that I will be going back to the powdered supplement unfortunately. I had heard great things about this on TikTok but it tastes like thick rubbing alcohol and I can’t get past that.

Hadley Grace
Never got my order

I personally would not recommend purchasing from this supplier. My order was not delivered and no one has reached out to correct the issue. Hopefully other people have a better experience than I did, I was looking forward to trying it.

jeremy bolton

Shroomworks ShroomDrops "Focus"

Omar Othman

When it comes to focus and functional mushrooms this Lion's Mane extract is my favorite! I've been feeling more alert throughout the course of the day. My memory function has increased and is one aspect i truly love about this product. Quality of sleep is noticeably better too. This is a clean welly extracted fruit body only product, much respect!

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