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Tiger Milk Mushroom

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Tiger Milk Mushroom (Lignosus rhinocerus) is a rare medicinal mushroom found in tropical forests in the Southeast Asia. The name came from folklore that the striking looking mushroom grows on the spot where a tigress drips her milk while feeding her cubs. Tiger Milk Mushroom has been used for 400 years as a health tonic by the aborigines for its healing properties on more than 15 types of medical ailments as well as a general tonic to strengthen the body. Recently, scientists have successfully cultivated and studied Tiger Mushroom mushroom to confirm its safety and medicinal properties. It is noted for its traditional use to support lung and respiratory health, as well as to boost immunity in general. TigerMm products are developed using Tiger Milk Mushroom sclerotia grown and harvested in USA, and formulated in FDA inspected and Gmp ceritified facilities. All natural, organic. No preservative.

While you may have never heard of these mushrooms before, that doesn't mean they haven't been here all along. Grown right here in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, these mushrooms have been around as long as we have. The difference is that now, they're here to help us.

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